Coconut Lemon Cake Hair Sugar Blend:

The original Coconut Lemon Cake scalp and hair sugar scrub, part of the Felicidad Signature line is created for your hair and scalp. The hair sugar exfoliates dead skin cells and draws in moisture to the hair and scalp like nothing else. You will enjoy a cleansing and refreshing aromatherapy experience too.

Have you been looking for a natural hair and scalp detox? One that can solve your dry scalp issues? Then you will love this Gentle Activated Scalp and Hair Sugar Scrub that  Exfoliates, Cleans, and Grows hair in one jar! it’s Good for up to 4 treatments

Ingredients: Coconut oil-lauric acid, sunflower oil-loads of vitamin e and absorbs rays of the sun, lemon essential oil- cleansing, clarifying, Lemongrass- uplifting